I completed my PhD in philosophy at Syracuse University in 2015 . Currently I’m Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at New Mexico State University and enjoying the sunshine. I’ve taught courses on moral theory, political & social theory, human nature, critical thinking, and practical ethics. I’m interested in the role dignity ought to play in moral theory and practice. I’m also interested in the nature of blame and its relationship with moral reasons.

In my dissertation, “A Defense of Formal Contractualism,” I offer a comparative evaluation of formal and substantive contractualism while giving a unique explanation of contractualism’s account of moral normativity. I argue that Darwall’s formal contractualism is preferable to Scanlon’s substantive contractualism by showing how it offers a better explanation of moral normativity. However, I then argue that Darwall’s account is unable to establish that all people share equal dignity and I develop a revision that avoids this problem.

My current project attempts to ground the equality of persons in a universal authority to hold one another accountable to legitimate expectations.

On the side, I produce music under the moniker Bialuma.

CONTACT:  hubbardr@nmsu.edu
Ryan Hubbard
College of Arts and Sciences
Dept. of Philosophy
New Mexico State University
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